A VILLAGE bus service is back on the road after being partially suspended for nine months.

Councillor David Wilson says elderly residents in Kilmacolm were left stranded when the number 1/1A stopped going to the top of Finlaystone Road.

He claims this was due to irresponsible parking on the street, which made it impossible for bus drivers to safely negotiate the road.

Councillor Wilson, who chairs the operations committee at Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, said its return will provide a 'lifeline' to people in parts of the village.

He told the Tele: "This subsidised service is vital for the west end of Kilmacolm and for Quarriers.

"It wasn't safe for the bus to travel up the hill at Finlaystone Road because of thoughtless drivers leaving their cars in a way the vehicles couldn't safely pass.

"On one occasion a drivers had to drive across a steep grass verge to avoid a parked van, which damaged the underside of the bus."

The service was subsequently forced to stop at Wateryetts Drive, which meant residents in Finlaystone Road, Leperstone Road and Avenue and Quarry Drive couldn't get into the village for their shopping.

Councillor Wilson said the parking issue had now been resolved, allowing for a joint effort between Inverclyde Council, McGill's and SPT to get the service fully reinstated.

The route will again run from Kilmacolm via Quarriers to Johnstone Railway Station.

Councillor Wilson said: "The service will now be on the road from 10am until 4pm.

"It previously ran at 7am in the morning but starting later will mean there will be less parked cars. This was part of the solution.

"I am delighted that it has been reinstated because it is a vital service for that part of Kilmacolm as it is mainly an elderly demographic there.

"It is also important because it is the only form of public transport into Quarriers."

Councillor Wilson is pictured with local resident and service user Helen Murphy.