POLICE appeals have been met with a wall of silence in their bid to find Christopher Nicol's killer.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Fergus says he has been 'disappointed' by the response from the public.

He told the Tele there has been little feedback from the initial appeal after Mr Nicol's death.

DCI Fergus said: "I am appealing for witnesses to this brutal assault to come forward.

"Although our murder investigation is progressing, we have been disappointed by the public response to our previous appeal.

"We've not had the response I would have hoped for.

"I am working on the premise that someone will know this person.

"Pennyfern is a fairly small area in Inverclyde - but we are appealing to everybody in Inverclyde.

"We are asking the public to look at people they know that fit this quite particular description.

"There is also the possibility that someone is shielding this person."

DCI Fergus made a final plea to local people to think of the victims in this tragedy - Christopher's children - and help police catch their dad's killer.

He said: "Christopher was a family man who doted on his children and who was slain in their presence.

"I am appealing to the Inverclyde people to look inside themselves and think of these poor children. If they have anyone information, come forward and help us arrest this individual.

"The answer lies within the local community. It doesn't matter how small or irrelevant the information may seem, it may be the last piece in the jigsaw we need."