A PORT police officer went the extra mile for people battling cancer by raising over £4,000 for a charity that supported his wife through treatment.

Popular PC John Jamieson is overwhelmed by the support he has received from the community who helped him to raise £4,151 for the Beatson Cancer Charity after taking part in a 10k walk.

The charity supported John's wife Kim after she was diagnosed with breast cancer last October following a route mammogram.

Kim has since received the all-clear and is recovering well.

John said: "My initial fundraising target was £300 so to raise £4,151 is amazing.

"I've received incredible support from everybody in Port Glasgow as well as family and friends and work colleagues.

"The community in Port Glasgow have been really good.

"I was on the bus the other day and a laday said she'd seen me in the Tele and she sponsored me.

"Kim is amazed by how many people have contributed."

John completed the 'Off the Beatson Track' 10k walk with his beloved black Labrador Bruce.

He added: "The staff at the Beatson and the NHS were all excellent when Kim was ill and they made it so much easier.

"It was a pretty traumatic thing for Kim and anybody to go through but they make it as good as it can be.

"The walk was a good way for me to give something back."

John says his wife is recovering well from her ordeal and looking forward to the future.

He said: "Kim is doing great.

"She got the all clear three weeks ago which was a big relief."

John is keen to thank everyone who supported his fundraising including the Co-op at Dubbs Road, the Kafay in Dubbs Road and all the local schools.