FUMING drivers have hit out at long delays on the main road in Greenock this week.

Telecommunications company Openreach closed one lane on the busy A8 at East Hamilton Street during the day.

The closure was put in place earlier this week and is due to last until tomorrow.

It has led to lengthy queues and bad tailbacks at peak times.

The hold-ups have been compounded by two other projects taking place at the same time in the same area.

But Openreach said it had no option but to close the lane in order to complete the job.

Their spokesperson told the Tele: "We have to access boxes with cabling under the ground so it involves a lane closure between 9.30am and 3.30pm from Wednesday to Friday.

"We have also got some excavation work in Sinclair Street at the same time but this work does not require traffic management.

"We would like to make people aware."

Earlier this week, drivers reported long delays on the road.

According to the Scottish Road Works Commissioner, Transport Scotland are carrying out work in East Hamilton Street at Douglas Rae Road while SP Energy Networks are also carrying out work in Sinclair Street.

One driver, who asked not to be named, said the scheduling of roadworks in the Inverclyde must be improved.

"It's been an absolute nightmare on the main road this week.

"One set of roadworks starts and another seems to pop up at the same time.

"On Wednesday I was late for work due to the works.

"The queue was over a mile long."