A DAD left forced to use a foodbank due to a swingeing cut to his benefits has today demanded an apology after he WON his appeal.

Father-of-two Rodney Hamilton, from Greenock, was stunned earlier this year when a reduction was suddenly imposed in his Universal Credit.

The cut had a devastating impact on his life and he says it almost 'destroyed' him.

The 52-year-old, who'd suffered a broken neck in a car crash, was left struggling to buy food and clothing for his family after his benefits were slashed.

Now benefits bosses have backed down and he has won his appeal against the decision.

Rodney, of Cumberland Road, told the Tele: "It's a massive relief.

"They tried to make a liar out of me.

"This nearly destroyed my life and my kids have suffered through it.

"As I said from day one, I'm not trying to con anybody.

"I want to work but I can't due to health reasons.

"I plan to go back to work one day, when I can."

Rodney, who has two children, aged eight and 12, was forced to give up work as he suffers from a series of health problems following a horrific car crash back in 2007.

Despite his deteriorating health and catalogue of conditions, Rodney had his benefits slashed.

He said: "I have been diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease.

"I'm awaiting a bypass and the surgeons have put me on heart tablets.

"Yet I was told that I didn't have any health problems.

"By winning my appeal, it shows that I was telling the truth.

"They should now apologise."

Rodney says the saga also took a significant toll on his mental health.

He added: "This whole process went on for a year.

"Winning this appeal is a weight off my mind.

"It's a huge relief."