THE nephew of a bowling club vice president punched another committee member after suspicious activity in a toilet led to a party being shut down.

Darryll Freeburn, 28, assaulted treasurer and secretary Sandy Wotherspoon after Mr Wotherspoon reported concerns about two men he'd seen in the clubhouse gents.

The function — a birthday party at Port Glasgow BC for Freeburn's sister — was brought to an abrupt halt and he stormed into the members' lounge to confront Mr Wotherspoon, 58.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard that dad-of-three Freeburn, who is not a club member, approached his victim and threatened: "I'm going to do you."

After 'numerous requests to leave' he was eventually ushered to the front door by Mr Wotherspoon and others but lashed out with his fist.

Mr Wotherspoon — who sustained a cut beneath his right eye — told the court: "I said, 'Please just go, you don't want the police here and we don't want the police here'.

"I told him there was a taxi for him and the next thing was I felt being struck."

Club licensee Elizabeth McCabe — who shut the bar to accompany Mr Wotherspoon to hospital — said: "The man was threatening Sandy at the jukebox. 'I'm going to do you' were his words."

Mr Wotherspoon's wound had to be treated with three stitches.

He had reported the toilet matter to vice president Rodney McLean, Freeburn's uncle, because he was responsible for signing the function off.

Freeburn, of the Port's Mid Avenue, told the court that he had acted in self-defence.

He said: "I was making a complaint about the party being shut down.

"He [Mr Wotherspoon] just lunged for my throat and shut my windpipe off, which caused me panic.

"He forced me to the front door by my throat."

Freeburn added: "I couldn't breathe, I was in fear for my life so I just reacted with a punch.

"I punched him after he strangled me."

Prosecutor Frankie Morgan said: "I suggest that the CCTV footage paints a different picture to the one you're telling the court."

Freeburn replied: "It's a fabricated video, there are bits missing where four come at me and shut my windpipe off."

Mr Morgan stated: "You were unhappy at the party being shut down and you punched Mr Wotherspoon."

Freeburn said: "No way, no danger."

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre found him guilty.

The sheriff told Freeburn: "It is quite plain what happened.

"You were being aggressive and the complainer and others made efforts to get you out and you weren't having it.

"You were the author of your own misfortune all along by not complying with the request to leave."

Freeburn, a first offender, has been ordered to pay Mr Wotherspoon £750 compensation.