A NEW fishing club aimed at all ages and abilities is hoping to catch more members.

The Reel Friends and Family Fishing Club was started by two friends who wanted to make fishing accessible to all.

Stewart Cameron and William Stibbs met through fishing and operate the club in Greenock every second Sunday.

Stewart said: “We are a group of family and friends who enjoy fishing but that is the last thing we do.

“We want to provide a group where people can come and chat, relax, make friends and put the world to rights over a cuppa and some laughs.

“There are members with years of experience and others with none but we all share tips and advice and life experience.

“We provide a service for free - people can come along, borrow fishing gear if they don’t have any and see what we are all about.

"We only ask for donations towards the food which includes home made soup and breakfast rolls all day.”

William added: “We welcome everyone, all ages and abilities.

"Everyone is treated the same, we just want to give them a chance to get involved with something they otherwise wouldn’t.

“Our only aim is to make people smile.”

The group meets every second Sunday at Custom House Quay on the waterfront.

As well as the weekend sessions the group also organise longer camps for people to participate in.

Stewart said: “Myself and William became friends through fishing and this club and many other friendships have also come out of the club.

“Currently our youngest member is only two years old and our oldest is 85.

“Anything we catch goes back because this year's little fish are next year's big ones.

"We just want people to enjoy fishing and the benefits and for people to go away happy.

“We are hoping more of the older generation will consider joining us, come along, try it out and educate us and share stories with us.”

With an average attendance of 36 people the group are now looking to the future and growing in numbers.

They are also searching for sponsors and donations from anyone interested in helping.

Anyone interested in joining them is invited to visit their page on Facebook – The Reel Friends and Family Fishing Club.

The group will be back at Custom House Quay on Sunday October 13 from 9.30am.