THE council has launched a youth recruitment drive as it looks to take on 10 modern apprentices.

The new recruits will study business administration.

The programme is open to young people aged between 16 and 24 who live in Inverclyde and will earn a recognised qualification while earning £14,000 a year.

Skills Development Scotland is funding the programme jointly with the local authority, one of the area's biggest employers.

Councillor Michael McCormick said: “Quality training for staff is the key to success for every forward-looking organisation and Inverclyde Council is no exception.

"We view the modern apprenticeship programme as an excellent way to build a well-qualified workforce.

“A modern apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for any young person to learn skills and gain practical experience in a work environment – a valuable commodity in today’s competitive job market.

“Modern apprenticeships offer a real head-start when it comes to employability, especially as the young person gets paid the appropriate modern apprenticeship rate for the job – earning while they’re learning.

“We have modern apprentices in a variety of fields - such as accountancy, business and administration, customer service, childcare, electrical engineering, life sciences, paralegal studies, procurement and waste management.”

Angela Rodgers, who started with the council as a modern apprentice in 2014, is now a procurement development officer with a whole host if qualifications.

She said: “The modern apprenticeship programme is a good stepping stone and it has really allowed me to develop my career.

"It has certainly helped me to go further than I might have done otherwise.

“As a modern apprentice you get paid a full-time wage and you get to use everything that you study in your day-to-day job.

"It also opens other doors and puts you on a fast track to realising your potential.”

The closing date for applications is October 13.