NURSERY tots were left in tears after cruel vandals launched yet another attack on their playhouse.

Larkfield Children’s Centre has been hit for the second time in a matter of weeks.

Under siege staff, who have called in the police, are desperately appealing for the community’s help to stop the yobs.

Emma Henderson, senior early years education officer, says the playhouse is now damaged beyond repair and will have to be removed.

She told the Tele: "We're devastated because we are outdoors with the children every day.

"Now can't go out there until this is all cleared up.

"We are really passionate about outdoor learning up at Larkfield Children's Centre.

"But we can't leave any equipment out there - we have to put everything away.

"It's soul-destroying to go to all that effort and the playhouse still gets trashed."

Little Marco Leotta, three, and his pal Euan Patterson, four, told the Tele they were sad to see the damage to their playhouse.

Just a few weeks ago, staff arrived at work to find broken glass strewn across their play area and smashed plant pots.

In the latest wrecking spree, which happened some time over the weekend, vandals smashed up the playhouse and also scrawled graffiti over it.

Emma added: "We going to have to get rid of it because it's really unsafe.

"It's too dangerous for the children to use now.

"We're due to move in to our new centre in 2020 and I really hope there is a 6ft fence to protect the play area."

Emma says they have reported the incident to the police and have also spoken to the head teachers of the local high schools so the incident can be highlighted at their assemblies.

She added: "We just want people to be respectful of their own area.

"Obviously it's a public walkway here, so we don't mind people using the area if they leave it the way it is.

"But please don't come up and destroy things, as the children love their play area and playhouse."