A PANIC alarm was activated by frightened Greenock social workers after a man flew into a rage and hurled a chair across a room.

Michael Hanley, 51, became enraged when he was told by staff members at Crown House that they couldn't do anything for him.

Hanley — whom the town's sheriff court heard is in constant pain — 'stormed' out of a small meeting room and repeatedly kicked its door.

He later handed himself in to police and confessed to 'snapping' during the lunchtime appointment.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife said: "He had told that the service could not help him and that he needed to return to his GP for a referral.

"The accused became immediately abusive.

"He stepped close to one staff member, picked up a chair and threw it across the room before storming out.

"The panic alarm was activated."

Hanley, of Springhill Road in Port Glasgow, pleaded guilty to acting in an aggressive and intimidating manner towards a female worker in the course of her employment.

He committed the offence at around 1.40pm on May 8.

Defence lawyer Charles Drummond said: "The circumstances are deeply unfortunate.

"To Mr Hanley's credit, he handed himself in to the police.

"He is a man who is in constant and considerable pain and he snapped.

"It is difficult to imagine constant pain for years at a time."

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre placed Hanley under supervision for six months.