A HEARTBROKEN mum has made an emotional appeal to help catch her son's killer.

Distraught Karen Nicol, 52, said the murder of her son beloved son Christopher had left her family devastated.

She said his attacker had taken one life and ruined her entire family.

Karen, supported by a police family liaison officer, spoke yesterday at a press conference at the police headquarters of the Major Investigation Team in Paisley, just over two weeks on from the night her son was stabbed to death.

She said: "I am devastated by the tragic death of my much-loved son Christopher.

"Our lives have been changed forever.

"He was a brilliant dad to his two young children whom he worshipped and he would have done anything for.

"The man responsible has taken one life and ruined the lives of our family.

"Please, please if you have any information that will help officers, then call the police or Crimestoppers, as soon as possible."

Twenty-seven-year-old Christopher was stabbed to death in his own home in Maple Road in front of his two young children, Darren, five, and six-year-old Amylyn.

A police manhunt to find his killer has included door-to-door inquiries, examining CCTV footage and extensive forensic inquiries but no breakthrough has been made.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Fergus, who is leading the probe, said: "Although I am encouraged by the public response to our previous appeal, I am in no doubt that there are people in the area who may have seen or heard something, and we still need to speak to them urgently.

"Although people may think the detail they hold is insignificant, it could indeed be that smallest of piece of information that moves our investigation that crucial step forward.

The senior officer had previously said that the response had been poor from the public but he says this improved following an operation in Maple Road last Thursday, a week on from the murder.

He told the Telegraph: "We stopped six vehicles and there were some pedestrian individuals stopped as well.

"It was positive, we have had no negativity from the public of Inverclyde.

"All the people we spoke to were very keen to assist.

"I would reiterate, off the back of Karen's plea, that we still need as much information from the public as we can possibly gather, in an effort to piece together the events of that evening of Thursday 26th September.

"I would ask the people of Inverclyde, as I believe the answer does lie within the community, to please assist with any information they may have however insignificant they feel it is.

"Contact us and let us be the judge as that piece of information may piece together these tragic circumstances."

Asked why he thought they hadn't yet found the killer, DCI Fergus, replied that these inquiries are always challenging and stressed his team were doing all they could.

He said: "I am confident with the assistance of the public we will get the answers we are looking for.

"It is an early stage, we always need the public's assistance.

"I don't feel I need to expand anymore on the devastating events of this horrific crime."

Police are still working on a photo-fit of the suspect but say they don't want to put possible witnesses off from coming forward.

He said: "We have worked with witnesses in relation to a photo identikit and will be released when the time is felt correct.

"We don't want to over-influence the public at this stage, don't want to go down a line where people start to write off what they might not think is significant.

"If there is anyone you know who is acting differently from usual, or who may have become withdrawn then please get in touch.

"If anyone has overheard anything or has suspicions about someone, then please let us know.

"This man was violently attacked in front of his two young children and I do believe that somebody local knows who is responsible.

"Therefore, I am again urging anyone who holds any detail on Christopher’s death to do the right thing and come forward.”

The suspect is described as white, between 20-30 years of age, with a local accent.

He is approximately 5ft 9 inches in height and of slim build, with an unkempt, reddish-brown beard and moustache.

"He had bad teeth, with some visibly missing.

"He was wearing a black beanie hat with a logo, possibly Timberland, black top and black jeans or bottoms.

* Any information should be passed to officers through 101 quoting reference number 3888 of 26 September 2019. Alternatively Crimestoppers can be contacted on 0800 555 111, where anonymity can be maintained.