INVERCLYDE Athletic Club's annual prizegiving was another memorable event in the club’s calendar as a packed town hall acknowledge the successes of some of the are's top junior and senior athletes.

After a warm up game of heads and tails, compered by Ross Davidson one of the young leaders, club president Gerry Gaffney highlighted a few of the past year's high points and the continuing and developing partnerships with Active Schools Inverclyde, Community Learning Development, Inverclyde Council, Inverclyde Leisure, Jog Scotland, Scottish Athletics and Sport Inverclyde.

He also took the time to thank club sponsors Amazon, Café Riva, Diodes Incorporated, Flower Vogue, Hardies Coaches, James Strang Ltd, Renfrewshire Physiotherapy, Robert McDonald Charitable Trust, Smiths of Greenock and the numerous members who make additional contributions for club events.

Finally, to the delight of all present, Gerry also announced that the club had won the Club of the Year in our category in Scottish Athletics Event Specific Series.

It was onto the awards, presented by Jon Hammerman, Alan Hainey and Ally Law, with Kay Cooke handing out the shields, sponsored by Diodes Incorporated. Kay also present the Endeavour Shield to Zoe Renfrew while Jonny Glen presented the Parlauff and Dream Team Medals and Michelle Adamson presented the volunteer Awards.

The senior awards were presented by Gerry Gaffney and Robert McDonald presented his trophy to worthy and popular winner Jon Hammerman.

Certificates were also presented to all juniors who had taken part in either the cross country or the track and field championships, organised by Emma Foster.

A club spokesperson said: "A successful event doesn’t happen by accident and it was mainly due to the organisation and effort of Lorna Davidson, Collette McGeehan, Brenda Hainey and Kim Law that the event was agaub such an enjoyable family occasion. Thanks also to Donny Cameron, Gerry and Jan Gaffney, DJ Eddie McDade, the Ice Catering team and the staff of Greenock Town Hall and Trophy Box."

Roll of honour:

Cross Country Championships 2018-19

U9 Boys - 1. Lucas Wagstaff. 2. Ben Roxburgh. 3. Jake Reilly

U9 Girls - 1. Grace Barry. 2.Pearl Paterson 3. Olivia Law

U11 Boys - 1. Oliver Wagstaff. 2.Liam Kane. 3. Aaron Harkins

U11 Girls - 1. Iris Paterson. 2. Honor Thompson. 3.Lexie Bremner

U13 Boys - 1. Keir Arthur

U13 Girls - 1. Millie Paton

U15 Boys - 1. Robert Gray 2. Jonathan Cameron

U15 Girls - 1. Abi Hammerman 2. Orla McGeehan

U17 Men - 1. Ben Nichol

Senior Handicap Championship - 1. Thomas Tracey 2. Jason Kane 3. Mathew Thomson

Senior Male XC Championship - 1. Ross Gray 2. John Bell 3. Michael Houston

U20 Male XC Championship - 1. Cameron Watson 2. Adam Hay 3. Dylan Crawford

Senior Male Masters XC Championships - 1. David Tamburini 2. Peter Tucker 3. Tom Tracey

Track & Field Championships 2019

U9 Boys - 1. Charlie Lyne. 2. Logan Mitchell 3. Morgan Goyal

U9 Girls - 1. Olivia Law. 2. Olivia Lyne. 3. Nuala Munro

U11 Boys - 1. Lucas Wagstaff + Ashton Fulton 3. Oliver Arthur

U11 Girls - 1. Lexie Bremner 2. Grace Barry. 3. Mylie Wilson

U 13 Boys. - 1. Oliver Wagstaff + Sam McGarva. 3. Hamish Bradshaw

U13 Girls - 1. Leona Conway 2. Nuala Ward. 3. Iris Paterson

U15 Boys - 1. Jonathan Cameron 2. Tayven Adamson. 3. Aidan McGarrigle

U15 Girls - 1. Emily Bradshaw. 2. Catriona McPherson. 3. Amelia Vance

U17 Men - 1. Lewis McKenzie

U17 Women 1. Katie Purves

Track & Field Performance Awards 2019

U15 Boys - 1. Edward Docherty

U15 Girls - 1. Lorien Carnegie

U17 Men - 1. Peter Bradshaw 2. Lewis Hainey. 3= Ciaran Hogg & Josh Law

U17 Women - 1. Leah Cameron. 2. Abi Hammerman

U20 Men - 1. Adam Hay. 2. Cameron Watson 3. Ben Nichol

Parlauff Champions

White Zebras: Fraser McLaughlan, Kate Seggie, Millie Paton, Ashton Fulton, Lucas Wagstaff, Ben Gerrard, Nuala Ward, Liam Kane, Poppy Wilson, Freya Lindsay, Mirren Morrison, Ben Hammerman, Layton Carter, Sam McGarva, Rosie Aikman, Ethan Martin, Aaron Harkins, Pearl Paterson, Kieran Martin, Arran Hughes, Grace McLaughlan, Grace Barry, Evie O'Neil, Nieve McKay, Jake Reily, Eilidh Timmons, Matteo Balzan, Morgan Goyal, Tayven Adamson, Keir Arthur, Nathan Harkins, Lily Cameron, Olivia Law, Brodie Hall, Cara McDougall and Olivia Lyne.

Dream Team: Oliver Wagstaff. Layton Carter, Ashton Fulton, Nuala Ward and Liam Kane.

Coach Awards 2018-19

Ben Hammerman, Eve Orue -Okiti, Simone Clarke, Liam Kane, Ewan Docherty, Ethan Martin, Kieran Martin, Stella Hurrell, Nieve McKay, Hannah Timmons, Rory Munro, Niamh McGarva, Esther McGregor, Simon Orue-Okiti and Orla McGeehan.

Diodes Incorporated Shields

Foundation Shield: Eilidh Timmons

Development Shield: Rosie Aikman

Endeavour Shield: Jake Reilly

Evolution Shield: Hannah Shankster

Jumps Performance Shield: Jonathan Cameron

Throws Performance Shield: Emily Bradshaw

Hugh Cameron Endeavour Shield: Zoe Renfrew

Robert McDonald Trophy: Jon Hammerman

Scottish Athletics Volunteering Certificates for Young Volunteers - Bronze - Lewis Hainey, Leah Cameron, Fin Burnside Silver Evie Semple, Adam Hay, Cameron Watson, Ben Nichol, Clara Pollock Josh Law, Jennifer Lyne, Zoe Renfrew Gold Samantha Dunning, Matthew Higgins, Robert Todd, Daisy Wilson Hannah McGeehan and Ross Davidson.