CUSTOMERS will soon be charged to use no fewer than TWELVE cash machines in Inverclyde the Tele can reveal.

Inverclyde’s MP Ronnie Cowan has slammed the charges and today vowed to fight to have them scrapped.

He has arranged an urgent meeting with the chief executive of NoteMachine, the second largest ATM provider in the UK, next week.

Mr Cowan told the Tele: "I’m deeply disappointed to learn that around a dozen ATMs in Inverclyde are scheduled to become pay to use.

"This this will adversely affect my Inverclyde constituents.

“Back in January, I highlighted that any changes would be seen as a stealth tax for withdrawing your own money from your account.

"Since then, I’ve made representations to HM Treasury and NoteMachine, to urge them to re-consider this backwards move."

Mr Cowan will be meeting with the chief executive of NoteMachine next week where he will highlight my concerns and urge them to do a u-turn.

He told the Tele: "It’s vital people in Inverclyde have access to their own money at local banks and ATMs which are free to use.”

Earlier this year, the Tele reported plans to charge customers who use three ATMs in Inverclyde.

But now it appears that 12 cash machines will charge for people to withdraw their hard earned cash.

ATM providers claim they have been forced to introduce fees due to a cut in the fee that operators receive from banks.

The Tele contacted NoteMachine, but nobody from the company responded.