A CRITICALLY ill cancer patient says her damp River Clyde Homes flat caused a life-threatening chest infection and housing bosses have snubbed her desperate pleas for help.

Jacqueline Crawford, of Rankin Street, who is battling cervical cancer, says the dampness in her living room is terrible.

The seriously ill 47-year-old says she complained to the housing association for over a year but nothing was done.

After the Tele intervened and took up her case, bosses at RCH have now apologised to Jacqueline and promised to investigate.

Jacqueline said: "The dampness is making me feel really unwell.

"But every time I phone River Clyde Homes I get palmed off.

"I had a chest infection two weeks ago which was caused by the dampness.

"I nearly ended up in hospital - my chest was wheezing.

"The dampness is putting my life at risk,

"I'm so worried about it - I just want it fixed."

Jacqueline, who has stayed in the flat for about four years, was diagnosed with cervical cancer earlier this year.

Since then she has undergone gruelling treatment.

She claims the housing association know about her condition but still haven't attended to her complaints over the dampness.

Jacqueline said: "I was diagnosed on April 9 and since then I've had four weeks of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiotherapy and two rounds of brachytherapy.

"I've also had a blood transfusion and I've to go back to see the consultant next month.

"At the moment I feel drained - all I have been doing is sleeping.

"But every time I contact River Clyde Homes I'm not getting anywhere."

Jacqueline's partner Andrew Mitchell, said he struggles to put into words how upset feels about the situation.

He said: "It's completely disrespectful the way Jacqueline is being treated.

"It's shocking and disgusting.

"Someone from River Clyde Homes was due to come out on October 2, but nobody turned up."

When the Tele contacted River Clyde Homes management issued an apology.

A spokesperson said: “We visited this property as recently as last month to complete a repair to prevent water ingress to the bedroom.

“We do have an outstanding job to carry out a request to investigate reports of dampness in Ms Crawford’s home and apologise for the delay in carrying out this inspection.

“We will arrange for the inspection to take place and for a slater to attend and investigate any further water ingress.”