ON-STREET parking is causing a major headache for residents in a Gourock estate.

All residents of Weymouth Crescent were contacted by MSP Stuart McMillan after a constituent raised the issue with him.

Of the people who responded an overwhelming 86.5 per cent said on-street parking was a problem.

A quarter claimed visitors to the adjacent Inverclyde Royal Hospital parking on their streets was a key factor.

More than a third said on-street parking was 'restricting accessibility and visibility for both drivers and pedestrians'.

Respondents also raised concerns about the impact on the bus route and vehicles bumping up onto the pavement.

Residents say they want double yellow lines to be introduced on at least one side of the road and Mr McMillan is now calling on the council to take action.

He said: “Many residents expressed concerns about buses being unable to navigate the estate and feared that the route would be cut as a consequence.

"This would not be good for residents who rely on the bus service.

"I am asking Inverclyde Council to investigate this matter with genuine consideration paid to the results of my survey.

"The message from my constituents is clear - on-street parking at Weymouth Crescent is causing significant issues for them as pedestrians, as drivers, and as bus users.

"Something must be done, and I will push for action to be taken to address the issue.”

John Crowther, councillor for the area, has called for a traffic management review to be carried out.

He said: “The problem with Weymouth Crescent is the increase in the number of vehicles on roads today.

“While the parking facilities included during the construction phase would have been acceptable at that time they would have failed to meet the more rigorous standards of today.

“Weymouth Crescent presents us with a number of issues due to the layout of the road, with an incline, moderate bend and numerous junctions which, when coupled with an increased volume of traffic and a busy bus route, leads to safety issues.

"This can only be addressed by a traffic management review."