SERIOUS safety concerns have been sparked after several footpaths and roads in Gibshill were dug up following a power fault which left dozens of homes cut off.

Resident Andrew Best says he couldn't believe it when deep trenches were dug in Dalmally Street, Whitelees Road and Lansbury Street.

With autumn upon us and darkness now falling at tea-time, he branded them an accident waiting to happen.

Andrew said: "They have created a very dangerous situation in Gibshill.

"Most of the holes are not covered over and they are not manned.

"If a child falls in, they are going get seriously hurt.

"These holes are a danger to the public."

Mr Best, who lives in Dalmally Street, says residents experienced a power cut at 2am on Saturday - the second in a matter of days - and it caused major inconvenience.

He added: "SP Energy Networks have been up digging more and more holes.

"I've not had heating since the power cut on Saturday.

"They gave us two wee heaters but we haven't used them because it'll cost us a fortune.

"We were also left without electricity until midnight on the Saturday and our electricity is also to be cut off again.

"They are not giving people with very serious ill health generators to aid them with power cuts.

"This has caused us a lot of stress."

Bosses from Scottish Power Energy Networks say the safety measures in place around the trenches are standard procedure and that no live wiring has been left exposed.

Repairs were due to be carried out yesterday, with the holes expected to be filled back in afterwards.

SP Energy Networks confirmed that there has been a 'double cable fault' in the area.

A spokesperson said: "On October 21st there was a cable fault in a stretch of cable round about Dalmally Street and 13 customers were affected.

"On Saturday 26th October there was a fault in another stretch of the cable, affecting 21 customers.

"A full repair is required on the cable."

Electricity supplies had to be shut down during the day yesterday, with homes having no electricity supply for a further seven hours.

Safety staff were also sent out following the complaints made by residents.

Households affected by the power cuts were each given £10 for hot food.

SP Energy Networks said: "We posted cards through people's doors in Whitelees Road and Dalmally Street to let them know that supplies will be off.

"We have got to repair the whole stretch of cable as there are two faults - one at either end.

"As we have been made aware of the safety concerns, we sent out a safety worker on Tuesday night to make sure everything is in place and is secure and the repair will be carried out."