A GREENOCK tot became a social media sensation after her Rab C Nesbitt Halloween costume was shared almost 1,000 times.

Callie Mcclure, two, donned the impressive home-made outfit for her family Halloween party and wore something more traditional to her nursery party.

Mum Jennifer Charles says she has always loved Halloween and prefers to make original costumes rather than buy them - and her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

This year Callie proved a hit on social media with a post of her outfit 'liked' by 1,200 people and commented on by 426.

But two years ago it was her brother David, now nine, who went viral with his costume and a video of him dressed as Mr Bean for World Book Day.

Jennifer said: “My sister Anne Morris had mentioned a while back that Callie looked like Rab C Nesbitt when she did her ‘nice smile’.

"That gave us the idea.

“The suit she had on was David’s when he was younger.

"I made the vest and the hairband from an old top of mine and completed the look with a Greenock Telegraph and a can of ginger beer.

“Callie loves to dress up so she was excited when we were making a fuss of her and loved her pretty hairband.

"Me and David were in stitches laughing when she tried her outfit on.”

The youngster donned a more traditional witch outfit for her nursery party..

She said: “Callie had been eying up a witch costume in Tesco and kept wanting it for Halloween so she wore that one to her nursery party - I didn’t want her watching all the other girls dressed as princesses and witches while she sat in a suit!

“I am lucky to have children who have a sense of humour which helps with dressing them up.

“I was shocked at the response her costume had on Facebook, I think it was her facial expressions that got people’s attention.

“My family and friends thought it was hilarious when I sent them the pictures.

"It is a great memory to keep and I can’t wait to show her the photos when she is older.”