NURSERY tots from Greenock are on the right road after they received a safety lesson from a surprise visitor.

Road Safety Scotland character Ziggy was the centre of attention as he came to Glenpark Early Learning Centre.

Ziggy’s visit was part of a nationwide Go Safe with Ziggy tour, which aims to help children stay safe on roads.

Michael McDonnell, of Road Safety Scotland Director, said: “With winter approaching and the nights getting darker, it is paramount that children are aware of the importance of staying bright and visible to drivers, especially on a night like Halloween.

“Children should be immersed in positive road safety attitudes from a young age, both in the classroom and at home.

"It has been widely recognised amongst behavioural psychologists that early experiences shape children’s future behaviour, reiterating the importance of practising and teaching safe road habits. "Ziggy is a fun character with an important role.”

The Ziggy’s Halloween Wish book, encourages parents and children to stay safe in the dark when out guising tonight, by wearing bright costumes, colours and carrying their Halloween lanterns.

Gaynor Wiggins, depute head at Glenpark, was delighted to have Ziggy and Councillor Christopher Curley visit the centre.

She said: “We regularly use 'Go Safe with Ziggy' resources in our playrooms, especially when the winter months come in and the nights start getting darker earlier.

"The children find the books and activities fun.

“We are delighted that Ziggy chose to visit our nursery for Halloween and we hope that the children remember the important road safety messages they’ve learned from the visit.”

Councillor Curley, chair of Road Safety West of Scotland, added: “Ziggy forms an important part of Inverclyde Council’s road safety education programme, which is delivered in partnership with educational establishments such as Glenpark Early Learning Centre, and we are pleased to see him visit our area.

“With shorter daylight hours as we approach winter months it is important for drivers to remember to pay more attention when driving in conditions and areas with poor visibility and low sun and we hope that Ziggy will help our children to be safe when crossing the road.”