LABOUR has launched a massive survey to give people their say on the future of Inverclyde.

In one of the biggest ever surveys conducted locally, the party's general election candidate Martin McCluskey and activists have handed out 15,000 questionnaires to households across the district.

They say they want to find out exactly what matters to residents.

Labour is targeting a win in Inverclyde in December's big poll, after coming within a few hundred votes of unseating the SNP's Ronnie Cowan last time out.

Mr McCluskey said: “We’ve sent out just under 15,000 letters to people across the constituency setting out Labour’s priorities but, more importantly, asking what their priorities are.

“Since the last election it’s been the aim to make sure that everything we are doing is being led by the priorities of the people of Inverclyde in all our communities.

“We’ve been doing that by knocking on as many doors as possible.

“Since after the election finished in 2017, we’ve spoken to about 3,000 people on top of roughly 10,000 we spoke to during the council and general election campaigns.

“It’s not just turning up on people’s doors to see who they’re voting for.

"The majority of folk are undecided because of the state of the country - they’re looking for honesty and clarity from the people looking to be elected.

“We can’t knock on everyone’s door so to make sure we reach as many people as possible through this leaflet.”

Mr McCluskey says there has already been a big response to the survey and several key topics have been highlighted.

He said: “It won’t come as a surprise to readers of the Telegraph that health, the situation at Inverclyde Royal Hospital and out of hours GP services have come up.

“Crime is another issue that’s coming up a lot, with people raising concerns about levels of crime and violence and the need for proper resourcing for police.

“That’s something we’ve been aware of but it’s not necessarily been at the forefront of our campaign - so that’s why this is important because it’s something we need to think about.

“A lot of people have returned the tear-off strips, which is free to do, but we’re appealing for more people to have a say at this stage about their local priorities and this is how they can do it.”

The Labour hopeful lost out to Mr Cowan by just 384 votes two years ago.

The SNP politician has also been backed by his party to seek re-election, with Liberal Democrat Dr Jacci Stoyle the other local candidate confirmed to date.