A DRUNK man charged with shouting and swearing at his partner was caught breaching a court order to stay away from her because of a BURNT PIE.

Michael Leith had his boozed-up girlfriend in his flat with him when he placed it in the oven to cook — then forgot about it.

As smoke engulfed the 65-year-old's Mount Pleasant Street flat firefighters had to batter their way inside because he couldn't find his key to let them in.

Police had also been called to the property by this time on Monday afternoon and officers arrested hapless Leith after finding the woman trying to hide within the property.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how the incident was the latest of several breaches of special bail conditions by Leith not to have any contact with his partner.

His lawyer, Derek Buchanan, said: "The situation here is that both have been in a relationship in excess of 25 years, and it is a relationship that can be best characterised as volatile on both sides and both have difficulties with alcohol.

"Mr Leith tells me that his partner attended at his home in a state of intoxication, and he was intoxicated also.

"Out of poor judgement he allowed her to remain there.

"In an attempt to help her sober up he went into the kitchen to make prepare some food.

"He placed a pie in the oven which overcooked and smoke began billowing through the flat."

Mr Buchanan added: "The fire service was called out, however, Mr Leith was unable to find his key to let them in and entry to the property was forced.

"By this time the police were also there and his partner tried to secrete herself in the bedroom.

"It is a very unfortunate set of circumstances."

Solicitor Mr Buchanan asked for his client to be given 'one final chance' to adhere to his bail conditions.

He said: "He is well down his last pint in the last chance saloon, and if allowed his liberty he appreciates that this would absolutely be his final opportunity."

Sheriff Lindsey Kooner deferred sentence until November 12 for the the case to call alongside the other matter.

She allowed Leith bail 'by a hair's breadth' until then, and told him: "She was at your address but you are the one with bail conditions.

"You really are on the brink of being remanded in custody."