A DISABLED man from Greenock has told of his misery after his high rise flat was flooded TWICE in the space of just three days.

William McKenzie, who lives in Regent Court, was left in a panic when water started pouring in from his ceiling and down his walls.

The stroke victim, who struggles to walk after he was left paralysed down his left side, relies on a mobility scooter to get around.

He thought he had found the perfect flat given his health problems but now faces a big clear-up operation which has left him worried about the future.

William, 63, who suffered a stroke three years ago, said: "I am on my own and I moved here because it was better for me.

"But now I've had water coming in to my kitchen, bathroom and my hall.

"I got such a fright.

"It has made a real mess in my flat."

Mr McKenzie called out the River Clyde Homes emergency response team following the first flood but then faced another leak just three days later.

River Clyde Homes had come out to locate the flood first time round and carry out emergency repairs and William was trying to dry his flat out when water started to pour in again.

The housing association attended for a second emergency call out.

William told the Tele: "The first time they said it was a burst pipe and the lady upstairs was on holiday.

"I was sitting watching the football when I noticed water in my kitchen and when I called them out they said it was a bath left on.

"I was really worried when water started coming through my lights.

"Then the second time a plug had been left on in the bath."

William was moved to Regent Court after he was left with disabilities following the stroke he suffered.

He previously lived in Aberfoyle Road and was moved to the high rise flat because his house in the east end was no longer suitable.

A housing officer has visited to inspect the damage in William's flat but he says he is now fearful of further leaks happening.

He told the Tele: "What if this happens again?

"I can't move around fast to deal with things like this and struggle to answer the door.

"I am worried because I struggle to get about."