THE detective who snared Margaret Fleming's killer carers today marked what would have been her birthday by issuing an appeal for them to say where her body is.

Detective Superintendent Paul Livingstone issued a direct plea to Eddie Cairney and Avril Jones, who were convicted and jailed this year for killing the vulnerable teenager and covering up the crime for 19 years.

Det Supt Livingstone said: "I would like to appeal directly to Edward Cairney and Avril Jones, on what would have been Margaret's 39th birthday.

"If you have a shred of decency, you will answer the questions Margaret's family have to allow them to put her to rest.

"I have lodged formal requests with both lawyers, asking for information and reiterating an offer to meet me to discuss in person.

"Margaret was a very vulnerable young woman when she was abused, neglected, manipulated and murdered.

"It's only right that her family and friends get the opportunity to pay their final respects.

"Whilst there has been a conviction for her murder and two people are in prison, it doesn't mean that we will no longer act on information we receive about where her body is.

"It's very important that she is given the funeral she deserves and for her family to be able to pay their respects to her.

"I would say again to Eddie Cairney and Avril Jones - your lies have caught up with you, so now do the decent thing and let Margaret's family know what has happened to her."