A DRUNK driver crashed her car into a barrier on a Greenock roundabout at 10.30am — then immediately told police she'd been downing vodka.

Rosina McClure — described in court as a 'non-functioning alcoholic' — was found to be nearly five-times the alcohol limit following the incident at Inverkip Road.

The 55-year-old has now been banned from driving and told she must comply with a treatment programme, or face being jailed.

A sheriff branded McClure, of Auchneagh Crescent, 'deluded' after reading in her pre-sentencing report that she believed she was not at fault.

McClure was reported to police by a motorist who saw her car veer off to the side and collide with the barrier on the morning of August 23.

When asked by officers to do a roadside breathalyser test, the boozed-up first offender stated: "I'm going to fail — I was drinking til three o'clock. Vodka."

Defence lawyer David Tod said: "When you turn up in court for the first time in your 50s, something has gone wrong."

Sheriff Thomas Ward said: "According to the [background] report she says she's done nothing wrong.

"Surely she is deluded more than anything else."

Solicitor Mr Tod replied: "She is perhaps in denial."

He added: "She can be described as a non-functioning alcoholic."

McClure had 100 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath on the day of her offence.

Sheriff Ward disqualified her from driving for 16 months and ordered her to attend alcohol treatment sessions.

The sheriff — who intends to also impose unpaid work if she engages with booze counsellors — said: "If she doesn't comply with the alcohol requirement she will probably end up in jail."

He told McClure: "It seems to me that you simply do not understand the predicament you are in.

"If you drive at almost five-times the limit you can end up in jail."

A review hearing has been set for next January.