INVERCLYDE'S most famous son was the inspiration behind this year's firework display in Battery Park.

There was a science theme to Saturday's dazzling display in honour of Greenock-born engineer, chemist and astronomer James Watt, whose inventions changed the world.

The skies above Battery Park were transformed with colour as Inverclyde's fireworks display drew thousands of people from all over the district.

Families gathered to watch the annual spectacle and children were armed with illuminated light sabres, wands and balloons.

There was also all the fun of the fair with youngsters enjoying the teacup rides while parents and older children were strapped in for a more scary experience

A record 5,500 people attended the event, one in a year-long series of events marking the bi-centenary of James Watt's death.

Inverclyde Provost Martin Brennan welcomed people to the event and gave the countdown to the display.

He said: "This year we saw the biggest crowd ever turn out to enjoy the fireworks display at Battery Park.

"James Watt literally changed the world and the display was also a fitting tribute to his life and work.”

"The weather was kind to us, which is always a bonus!

"Between the fireworks and the funfair everyone had a great time.

“It was a magnificent display and highlights the benefits of going to a well organised, official event.

"Fireworks can be dangerous and they are best left to the professionals."