A GREENOCK man who'd been accused of assaulting his partner and robbing her of medication was actually trying to save her from committing suicide, the town's sheriff court was told.

Patrick Arkley had been charged with seizing the woman, pushing her to the floor, slapping her face, bending her fingers backwards and ripping the prescription drugs from her grasp.

The 38-year-old was arrested after a neighbour alerted police to the commotion at a flat on Quarrier Street.

He then began shouting and swearing at the officers and making threats towards them.

Arkley's lawyer told the court: "Mr Arkley was with his partner, who has significant mental health difficulties.

"He tells me that his partner was threatening to self harm and commit suicide, and that there was a threat to jump out of the flat window.

"Mr Arkley grabbed at her medication to get it off of her."

The solicitor added: "In his mind he was arrested for trying to do the right thing."

Prosecutor Claire Rowan said: "The accused made threats and called the police derogatory names.

"He said, 'We'll see what happens later', among other things."

The court heard that Arkley, of Quarrier Street, received a 'concerning' 35-month prison sentence in 2014 for assault.

His lawyer said: "There was no reason for him to say the things he said to the police.

"But he was under considerable stress and he reacted inappropriately.

"It is accepted that his record does him no favours."

Sheriff Thomas Ward told Arkley: "If you'd been found guilty of the assault you'd be getting a custodial sentence."

The sheriff decided to place him under supervision for a year and on an electronic night-time tagging curfew.

Under the terms of the curfew he must remain at home between 7pm and 7am each day.

A review hearing has been set for February 26.