PINT-sized pumpkins and sensational superheroes staged a takeover at Aileymill Nursery.

Little ones dressed to impress as they enjoyed a Halloween party.

Staff also joined in the fun by putting on their best fancy dress outfits.

Suzanne McMinn, who is the senior early year education and childcare officer at the nursery, said it was fantastic fun for the 76 kids who attend the nursery.

She said: "It was fabulous.

"The Halloween Day saw different lots of activities take place through the playrooms including dooking for apples.

"The children really enjoyed it.

"The costumes were fantastic, the parents went to so much effort."

Suzanne says superheroes and witches were amongst the most popular costumes on the day.

She said: "There were lots of superheroes and witches.

"There was also a good effort from the staff who all dressed up."

The nursery is keen to thank all the parents who supported the day.