PORT Glasgow Juniors have cried foul after they were forced to cancel a training session due to faulty floodlights.

The club is unhappy the lights were not fixed in time to allow the session at Parklea to go ahead on Monday night.

The board says this comes only weeks after previous issues with the floodlights.

A statement from the committee said: "Port Glasgow Juniors would like to apologise to all players and coaches due to attend training for the short notice cancellation.

"The club were informed late that there were significant issues with the floodlights and that a number of lights were not in operation.

"The club were informed that an electrician had been called however no guarantees could be given that the floodlights would be fixed for the training commencing at 7pm.

"As of 7.25pm a club official attended Parklea and the electrician had not yet arrived.

"In the interest of health and safety a decision was made not to utilise the park as the park was not fit for purpose.

"The club is extremely disappointed that issues have arisen again with the floodlights especially after the previous floodlight issues only being fixed a number of weeks ago."

Officials have contacted Inverclyde Leisure to complain and the situation was discussed at a meeting of the council's communities committee by councillors Chris McEleny and Lynne Quinn.

Cllr McEleny questioned the arrangement of Inverclyde Leisure using an external company to carry out repairs while the council has made a huge investment in the facility.

Cllr Quinn added that games had to stop early a week and a half before because floodlights were out.

Council officials Hugh Scott, said that Inverclyde Leisure was reviewing the situation.

A spokesman for Inverclyde Leisure told the Telegraph: “Inverclyde Leisure are aware of the issue regarding the column floodlighting that tripped on Monday night.

"A specialised lighting contractor has now been appointed to investigate the cause of the electrical fault and immediate action is now under way.

"IL apologise regarding the inconvenience caused to any of our customers and highlight these electrical issues are out with our control."