A QUICK thinking shop worker has been hailed a hero after coming to the aid of an elderly man who had collapsed.

Dylan Kelly, who works in Greggs in the Oak Mall, sprung into action when the man in his eighties suddenly fell in the shop.

Thanks to his quick-thinking actions, the man is believed to have recovered.

Modest Dylan, from Strone Crescent, was taken aback to hear his actions had been recognised by a member of the public.

Former Inverclyde Academy pupil Dylan said: "I was just standing filling up the counter when I heard a thud.

"When I turned round, the elderly man was lying on the floor.

"Two women from outside the shop helped me get him up and I got him a drink and asked him if he wanted something to eat.

"He said he had collapsed before."

Dylan says his experience as a scout leader with the 73rd Greenock and District Group helped to prepare him for the incident.

He added: "One of the main things we have got to have as a scout leader is first aid training, so we can deal with things like that.

"I wasn't expecting to get recognition, it's nice."

Customer Steph Galbraith witnessed the incident and was so impressed by the way Dylan, 20, handled the situation that she phoned the Greggs head office to let them know and shared the story online to give Dylan the recognition he deserves.

Steph, who lives in Greenock's Clydeview Road and is mum to Scott, seven, and two-year-old Charlotte, said: "All too often young people are slagged and all the negative stories are all we hear so I wanted to share something positive for a change.

"When the elderly man took a dizzy turn and fell over, Dylan very quickly came to his assistance.

"He helped the man up and sat him at a table, he got him a drink of water and continued to sit with the man listening and asking him about his circumstances.

"He was very kind and caring and then got him a cup of tea and was offering food or a cake to the man.

"I just found it very touching that he spent so much time and it was evident he was genuinely worried and was caring for him.

"Dylan should be very proud of himself."