A PETTY drug dealer caught conducting a street transaction in Greenock town centre has had a community-based disposal of the case cancelled and a prison sentence imposed in its place.

Mark Gibson was put on a drug treatment and testing order after selling £20 worth of cannabis resin to a woman on West Stewart Street in January.

But the non-custodial directive was revoked because Gibson, 26, is currently remanded on other charges.

He is also facing an additional allegation of possession of so-called 'street valium' with intent to supply.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how Gibson was seen handing over a small package of cannabis resin to the woman unaware that he'd been spotted by plain clothes police officers.

Prosecutor Ziad Ul Hassan said: "The two plain clothes officers witnessed the accused making an action towards a female with his right hand."

The police recovered 2.5 grams of the drug from the female and a £20 from Gibson.

He had also been charged with supplying the valium substitute etizolam to the woman, however, his not guilty plea to this allegation was accepted.

Gibson's arrest came just as he had completed the first part of a further education course at college.

When the case called previously in May, defence lawyer David Tod said: "He appears to be at a stage in his life where he is looking to improve himself.

"If he goes to prison the [college] course would be lost to him."

Sheriff Thomas Ward sentenced Gibson, of Nicolson Street, to 96 days imprisonment.