CHRISTMAS will be extra special for a slimmer who has dropped five dress sizes and is now helping other people struggling with their weight.

Gemma Scullion says 'heartless' bullying she endured as a teenager drover her into comfort eating and she spent most of her adult life overweight.

The 34-year-old mum-of-two, who works as a rehabilitation assistant to help people who have suffered from brain injuries, says her life changed forever when she joined Slimming World.

Since signing up, she has dropped from a size 20 to a 10, has lost five stone and is now on a mission to reach her dream target weight in time for Christmas.

Now she is using her inspirational weight loss to help other people as she becomes a Slimming World consultant in Kilmacolm.

She told the Tele: "I feel amazing.

"Getting into nice smaller clothes has been a perk but the decision to change this time was about restoring my self worth.

"Being only one stone away from my target is amazing.

"I feel so much stronger, healthier, energetic and finally feel proud of the woman and mum that I am."

As a teenager, Gemma said she was a healthy size 12 but cruel bullies made fun of her weight and callously nicknamed her 'Eat Less'.

She said: "Heartless comments ruined my perspective of my body image.

"The worst is that looking back, I had been a size 12 at the time this bullying started."

Towards the end of high school her weight began to creep up and in 2008 things came to a head when Gemma was asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time.

She said: "Nothing in the shop would fit me and I felt humiliated when the shop assistant insisted that I try on dresses to show everyone whilst she held the dress at the back as it would not zip up."

After years of unsuccessful fad diets one of Gemma's friends suggested she tried Slimming World.

She said: "I was sceptical but my consultant Lynn explained the plan.

"I’ll admit I didn’t believe her - pasta is my all time favourite food and it was always the one area I'd struggled to cut back on.

"Slimming World were telling me I could eat lots of it and I lost five and a half pounds in my first week.

"My weight loss continued and I was only a few pounds away from my two stone award when I became pregnant with my first child Archie.

"A few months after the birth of my son I got back on the plan and then I became pregnant for a second time."

Following the birth of her daughter Emily, now two, Gemma said it took her longer to get back to the group.

She said: "Christmas approached and I was still in my size 20 maternity clothes.

"I felt that I was spending our time with me mostly sitting watching him play and I lacked the energy to get up and down from the floor to join him.

"I was worried about the impact my unhealthy lifestyle would have on their lives."

By January 2018, Gemma got back on track and soon afterwards she rejoined a new Slimming World group and has now lost five stone.

Her mum Catriona Frame is also in the shape of her life after joining Slimming World following years of fad diets.

Now Gemma has started an exciting new chapter as a Slimming World consultant running a class at Kilmacolm Masonic Hall in Glebe Road every Monday at 6pm.

To join Gemma’s group either pop along call her on 07841021586.