A MAN who swerved around in a clapped-out car whilst holding a door shut with rope has been told he's facing jail over non-compliance with a community payback order.

Stephen Morrison drove the wrong way down a one-way street in the east end of Greenock and had to mount a pavement to avoid colliding with a bus.

The 37-year-old narrowly missed crashing into parked cars on Corlic Street, where several children were playing.

He was given the prison warning after appearing in court for a review of his non-custodial sentence.

Lawyer David Tod said: "He's started from a particularly low bar."

Sheriff Thomas Ward replied: "Well it'll have to be raised."

The court heard back in April how Morrison — who didn't have a driving licence — was spotted by police as he drove the Ford Focus around a number of roads with one door not properly secured.

Prosecutor David Glancy said at the time: "It appeared to be flapping open and the driver appeared to be securing it by pulling on a rope.

"This caused the vehicle to swerve from side to side and narrowly miss parked vehicles."

Morrison, of Belville Street, drove without due care and attention on Finnieston Street, Millar Street, Bawhirley Road, Strone Crescent, and in the wrong direction along Corlic Street.

Sheriff Ward told him: "If you do not comply with what you are told by the social work department the order will be revoked.

"As it is an alternative to custody the chances are you will be sent to prison."

The case is due to call again on December 18.