A TALENTED singer hit the right note to gain a place at the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Sophie Bysouth, 16, was thrilled to find out she had earned an unconditional acceptance for the top music and drama school in Glasgow.

The teenager, a pupil at Notre Dame High, has been with singing with the Junior Conservatoire for four years and this is the next step in her career.

She said: "It amazing.

"I had checked my application on my phone only 15 minutes before and then I noticed something had slightly changed.

"It read 'guaranteed unconditional' - I almost dropped my phone and I started to scream."

Sophie lives with her parents Anne-Marie and Nicky and three younger sisters, twins Lucy and Nicole, 15, and Karis,11, in Greenock's Arden Road.

She said: "My mum and dad are absolutely delighted, they are buzzing."

Sophie phoned her mum, then passed a note to principal teacher of music Gerard Gordon who was taking rehearsals for the school's pantomime.

She said: "He started screaming too and I was crying.

"All the kids in rehearsals thought he had been electrocuted!"

Sophie wants to thank the school and Mr Gordon for all their support over the years.

She said: "It's been a lot of time and money and the school and especially Mr Gordon who helped to get funding for me to attend the Junior Conservatoire and see shows for free.

"The school also paid for the first few years for me to attend the National Youth Girls Choir."

Sophie went through two rounds of auditions and an academic interview to get a prized place and wants to be a performer.

She said: "The first time I performed properly was at the All Saints Primary 'You've Got Talent' competition and it was the most amazing feeling and once I started I just felt I wanted to keep doing it.

"Singing is all about telling stories and emotion.

"I just love performing in general and to get the chance to do that for the rest of my life is amazing."

Mr Gordon was swift to pay tribute to his star pupil.

He said: "It is absolutely phenomenal that Sophie beat all these people from all over the world to get a place.

"She is incredibly talented and works so hard, that is the key to successful people.

"She doesn't rely on her talent alone, it is sheer hard work.

"Sophie is wise and mature beyond her years and is always ready to help others.

"She is an inspiration."