GRANDPARENTS went back to school for the day - to have a big old blether.

Youngsters at Kilmacolm Primary were delighted to welcome their grans and grandas into their class as part of this year's Book Week Scotland programme.

Headteacher Simone McCredie said it was lovely to see everyone chatting together.

She said: "The theme for Book Week Scotland is blether, so we invited grandparents into the school to share stories of when they were little.

"Pupils asked four questions about what they played with, where they went on holiday, what they did at school and if there were any funny stories from their childhood."

There was lots of chatting, laughter and smiles before everyone enjoyed tea and biscuits.

Eileen Andrew, 71, who has grandchildren Harry and Scarlett at the school, said she really enjoyed her visit.

She said: "The children's questions were good and they are good listeners.

"They were interested in what it was like in the old days.

"I told them I used to play with skipping ropes and balls and chases and that when I was little we used to go to Ireland on holiday and to the seaside."

She says she found a big difference with then and now in the classroom.

Mrs Andrew said: "Children are much more involved in their own education.

"It's more open now than when I was at school.

"They are very sociable and are comfortable speaking to adults - when I was young children were seen and not heard."