INVERCLYDE'S top police officer has urged victims of crime 'not to suffer in silence'.

Chief Inspector Debbie Reilly recently met with the Liberal Democrats general election candidate Jacci Stoyle to discuss the area's crime figures.

As officers prepare for the busy festive period, the duo are calling on members of the public to speak about and report crime.

Ms Stoyle added: "One of CI Reilly’s main frustrations is hearing of people suffering criminal activity in silence and not reporting it to the police.

"The police can only do something about crime if they are informed about them.

"One of the most effective partners the police have is the community. I would encourage people to come forward with any information they may have to help the police to keep us all safe."

During her briefing with the chief inspector she also raised concerns about the drop in the number of police officers serving the Renfrewshire and Inverclyde division since 2013.

They also discussed prevention work in the community.

The Lib Dem candidate added: "I was impressed with how closely the police work with Inverclyde Council and CI Reilly praised the work of the wardens, who are council employees undertaking a range of jobs to support the police in keeping our communities safe.

"I was also shown the CCTV cameras operating around Greenock, which the council funds, and was told how they are not solely used for preventing criminal incidents.

"For example, recently, they were a key resource in finding an elderly man suffering from dementia who had been reported missing."

During the election campaign Jacci has been busy campainging in the community.

She added: "I have been visiting community groups and organisations in order to further understand their needs, problems and strengths so that I can better lobby and campaign for them.

"I was delighted to meet Debbie Reilly. She absolutely loves working here and impressed upon me how she makes her decisions based on facts, intelligence, values and ethics.

"Her policing is very people-focused and safety and well-being is paramount."

The politician also asked for reassurance around the road policing division, which now operates out of Glasgow.

As well as reporting offences through the 101 number people can ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 in complete anonymity.