IT'S a case of mind your languages for Greenock school pupils who impressed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as they put on a superb show at the Scottish Parliament.

Whinhill Primary were invited to bring their culture and diversity showcase to Holyrood and blew everyone away with a special performance.

The Greenock school uses performing arts to bring languages to life and the children were able to express themselves in Gaelic, German and Tamil.

Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan arranged for them to come to parliament and said they proved great ambassadors.

He said: "In my 12 years as an MSP, I cannot remember witnessing a performance in the Scottish Parliament that I have been so impressed by.

"All the performers are a true credit to their school and Inverclyde.

"It is fantastic that a local school is leading the way and being an example for other schools to replicate across the country.

“I was delighted to welcome the pupils through to Holyrood.

"This was a fantastic project for them all to be involved in and they did themselves, their teachers and their parents proud."

First Minister Ms Sturgeon was on hand to praise the Whinhill pupils, who benefit from a dedicated Gaelic unit, for bringing culture and diversity to the heart of Holyrood and she posed with them for photographs.

The children worked with performing arts tutor Rebecca Cameron and language expert Eneida García Villanueva on their multi-lingual project using new teaching methods.

Eneida said: "Scotland is more multilingual than we know.

"We have a rich tapestry of languages and this often goes unnoticed both within society and school."

Proud head teacher Liz Ruddy, who accompanied the pupils to parliament, said: "The power of multilingualism is evident in the success of the skills development of our children.

"Learning languages is embedded in the culture and ethos of Whinhill Primary School."