A MAN who subjected his partner to hours of jealousy-fuelled drunken abuse has been warned he faces prison if he commits one more domestic offence.

John Jenkins, 43, downed vodka and flew into a prolonged 'tirade' against the woman — constantly calling her a grossly derogatory name whilst repeatedly swearing at her.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how he was 'in her face' accusing her of sleeping with men behind his back and telling her she was not allowed out.

Prosecutor Frankie Morgan said: "He became more abusive as time and intoxication went on.

"The complainer had been communicating with a friend on her mobile phone and the accused seemed jealous and aggressive.

"The complainer made plans to visit her friend and the accused told her that she wasn't going anywhere.

"He stated that she was just going out to have sex with men.

"The accused then swore and called her a derogatory name, repeatedly."

The court heard how Jenkins, of Port Glasgow, has a previous conviction for a domestically aggravated offence.

He committed his latest one in March of 2017.

Fiscal depute Mr Morgan said: "At one point was in her face shouting abuse at her.

"The verbal tirade continued in the same vein for the next few hours."

Jenkins later elbowed another female in the kitchen of the flat on Brown Street, causing her to drop a pan of boiling water.

Defence lawyer Gerry Keenan said: "The relationship is ongoing.

"He was drunk at the time and he has since taken matters in hand at his own initiative.

"He has described his involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous as the best decision he has made."

Sheriff Thomas Ward told Jenkins: "This is your second conviction for involvement in a domestic matter, if there is a third you will not be getting a community-based disposal."

Jenkins has been ordered to complete 135 hours of unpaid work within six months as a direct alternative to prison.