A MUM has told how she defied medics to give birth to her 'miracle' son after she was offered an abortion.

Taylor Barnes says she was devastated when doctors asked if she wanted to terminate her pregnancy at 21 weeks after her unborn son was diagnosed with talipes, also known as club foot, as well as kidney problems.

Doctors also told Taylor, who is also mum to three-year-old Harper, there was the possibility that her unborn son could have the potentially fatal genetic disorder Edwards syndrome.

But the 22-year-old of Devol Avenue in Port Glasgow had a gut feeling her baby would survive and decided to go through with the pregnancy.

Against the odds, Taylor gave birth to healthy baby son Presley in March.

Since then he has undergone successful treatment for talipes and kidney problems.

Taylor says her ordeal started when she was 20 weeks pregnant with Presley.

She said: "He was diagnosed at 20 weeks with club feet and bilateral kidney problems - they didn't know what was wrong.

"They also mentioned Edwards syndrome.

"I was so upset as Edwards means that a baby could be still born or would only live for a few months.

"I was asked if I wanted a termination but obviously I didn't.

"I just had a gut instinct that he was going to be okay."

Taylor then faced a worrying time as she went up and down from the hospital for regular scans.

She gave birth to Presley at the Royal Alexandra in March before he was transferred to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

Taylor said: "When I had him, everything was fine and the labour was fine.

"We already knew he had talipes but then he was taken away and he never came back to my bedside as he was put in special baby care.

"We didn't know what was going on with his kidneys.

"They had to blood tests and they put him on antibiotics.

"I was traumatised for not having him beside me."

Taylor said that during this time, the charity Ronald McDonald House - for families with children receiving specialist care in hospital - was her lifeline.

She said: "I was discharged but Presley was kept in hospital and I didn't want to leave Presley.

"I had to find a way to be with both my children while Presley was in hospital when I initially planned to go home with him after birth.

"Ronald McDonald House welcomed me and Harper with open arms.

"What they did for me, I'll never forget.

"They helped turn what seemed a horrific lonely time into a time where I could have Harper by my side while I looked after Presley.

"Even when I sobbed myself to sleep there was always someone to talk to if I needed someone.

"Staying at the house, which is right next to the hospital, meant Taylor could look after Harper and also be with Presley.

After four weeks in hospital, Presley was discharged and started talipes treatment, which involves gently manipulating the baby's foot into a better position, then putting it into a cast.

Presley, who will be on long term antibiotics to combat his kidney problem, has to wear braces known as boot and bars until he's about five years old to treat his foot condition.

But his mum is confident it will not hold him back.

Taylor said: "Steven Gerrard the Rangers manager and Liverpool legend was born with club feet so that has given me hope.

"I’m so proud of Presley and everything he has been through in these first weeks of his life.

"I can’t wait to see my baby boy kick his football and walk through the school gates."

To celebrate her brave boy's first birthday, Taylor is organising a charity night in aid of Ronald McDonald House.

She said: "I hope people support me and help raise money for this wonderful house."

The fundraiser will be held on Saturday March 21 in the Upper Port Social Club in Port Glasgow with tickets priced £10 which includes music from DJ Stephen Connon and a buffet.

To book contact Taylor via Facebook.