HARDY souls of all ages braved baltic temperatures to enjoy a bracing New Year dip in the River Clyde.

Royal Gourock Yacht Club and the West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club on the Esplanade in Greenock both held events to bring in 2020 with a splash.

More than 100 swimmers from both clubs took the plunge, some wearing woolly hats and others raising glasses to toast the new year with a drink or two.

Others donned Santa hats with their costumes and were all smiles despite the freezing cold.

One of the people taking the plunge was Eduardo Moura, honorary treasurer of the Royal Gourock Yacht Club.

He told the Telegraph: "It was terrific.

"We had 56 swimmers - the water was baltic.

"The clubhouse was packed full with a lot of people cheering everyone on.

"It was brilliant - it's something of a club tradition."

Eduardo, 72, a Brazilian who is married to a Scot, said: "It was my first time and there was a very enthusiastic crowd.

"There were a lot of kids.

"I was one of the older 'mad' people - it was great fun."

The club also raised funds for the RNLI on the day.

Another 50 swimmers meanwhile braved the elements at the RWSACB on the Esplanade.

Joe Heffernan, in charge of open water swimming at the club, said: "We open up the club for swimmers and spectators, so people can come in have a coffee and watch.

"There were also 100 people lining the Esplanade and we had 12 kayakers to assist."

Joe stressed that it was very much a swim and dip.

He said: "Too often people run into the water and run back out which is all the pain and none of the gain.

"If you stay in a wee while longer, you do feel the endorphins."

The club also raised £90 for charity.

Regular swims start at the club on Thursdays and Fridays at 6.30pm from the beginning of April.

This was the fifth New Year's Day event at the club and it will be running again next year.

For more information on the two clubs email openwaterswimming@rwsabc.com or royalgourockyachtclub@hotmail.co.uk

Pictures by Gary Bradley