A LOCAL nursery will leave others green with envy after a makeover to remove as much plastic as possible.

Children at Battery Park Nursery have become more creative following a complete revamp.

Staff were keen to have the children learn about the environment and nursery owner Kelly-Ann McInnes decided to replace all the plastic in the nursery with wood and natural materials.

Rose Swan of the nursery said: “We had a lot of plastic and didn’t realise how much until Kelly-Ann suggested swapping it out.

"We now have new tables, toys, seats and the children love it.

"Making a few small changes has really made a big difference to the nursery.

“We have been working on the changes for a while and everything is almost complete.

“Not only has it been more cost effective, it is more environmentally friendly and is easy to clean and maintain.

"The next big challenge is the floor."

Kelly-Ann says she is delighted with how the changes have had a good impact on the children.

She said: “I am really interested in child-led learning and loose parts play.

"Enabling the children to learn about the environment and using recycled material has been a great way to put those values into my work.

“The benefits of natural materials are that they don’t have a pre-determined use, like many plastic toys.

“The children have become much more creative, thinking of ways to use the items like the tyres and the stones for play.

“They have grown in creativity and confidence and we're delighted with the changes.”