A SHIPYARD worker is helping to save lives in his town by placing a defibrillator outside his house.

Port Glasgow man Pat Dunn has been so moved by the charity Jayden's Rainbow - set up by bereaved local mum Kathleen Orr - that he decided to join her campaign.

He was overwhelmed by the reaction of his workmates in Ferguson's, who all rallied around him to help raise £600 for the outdoor box.

Proud Pat, of Bardrainney Avenue, 56, said: "I was so moved by what Kathleen is trying to do and I want to help as much as I can.

"I know where I live in Port Glasgow there are about five defibrillators nearby, but they are all locked up at night.

"I was really touched by the support of everyone in Ferguson's, who helped me raise the money to fund an outside cabinet."

Pat is the latest local resident to join Kathleen's campaign.

She is trying to put defibrillators all across Inverclyde, where there is a high risk of cardiac arrests but a lack of defibs.

Jayden's Rainbow was set up by Kathleen and her family in memory of her son Jayden, who tragically died two and a half years ago after collapsing at an ice rink.

Since then Kathleen has helped raise thousands of pounds for community defibs and promoted national awareness of the lack of public access to the life saving devices.

She is also fighting to change the law so that all public buildings above a certain size must be fitted with a defibrillator as standard.

The number of defibrillators in Inverclyde registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service has soared to around 30 in the last two years.

St Andrew's First Aid was so moved by Kathleen's campaign that they stepped in to donate 30 defibs.