A BRAVE little boy who was given a 50-50 chance of surviving four years ago now needs another life-saving operation.

Davis Kerr, four, was delivered suffering from Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), which means he was born without a diaphragm, and his organs were up in his chest cavity.

He had a Goretex patch inserted in place of diaphragm but now it must now be replaced as his organs have moved.

Doctors say the surgery could take up to 10 hours.

Davis lives with his mum Joni, a check-in supervisor at Glasgow Airport, dad Alex and nine-year-old brother Lucas in Greenock's Killochend Drive.

Alex, 36, a port operator for Peel Ports, said that the need for surgery was discovered after the wee one had been sick and also had a chest infection.

He said: "The doctors couldn't get to the bottom of it.

"He had a chest infection in June for about three weeks and he wasn't eating."

Patients with CDH can have problems with their liver function and their immune system goes down but Davis has bounced back through each hurdle and now faces another round in theatre.

Alex said: "He has to undergo a contrast study to determine how many organs have moved back up and he is due to undergo surgery on January 23.

"The patch is meant to bond to the muscle but it can move.

"The last time the patch was repaired, it took 10 hours in surgery and he was in hospital for a week."

Davis is an outgoing, happy wee boy and looking forward to going to school next year.

His parents say they are relieved that the next round of surgery will be finished before he starts at St Patrick's Primary.

Alex said: "He's just a normal wee boy - a typical four-year-old.

"He's into Avengers and he went to see Santa when he was up at the hospital.

"He was jumping up and down on his knee.

"He's always smiling.

"The only trouble he has is with his speech - he knows exactly what he is telling you and gets frustrated if you don't understand.

"But he has started speech therapy, so that should help before he goes to school."

Alex says he and Joni feel blessed with their two gorgeous boys, and hope the op goes well and that the worst times are behind the family.

The proud dad said: "We we look back on it, the first two years were the hardest.

"It was Lucas who helped to get us through - we had to keep it together for him."