A GREENOCK man charged with pursuing his partner in a car after allegedly lying in wait for her has become embroiled in a bitter battle over the home they once shared.

George Bryce — who wants back into the property — insists that it was stripped of its contents by the woman two months ago and has been lying empty ever since.

But his partner maintains that she is still living at the house on Wellyard Way — forcing a showdown hearing to 'thrash the matter out'.

Bryce, 47, is facing a charge of driving alongside the woman whilst shouting and gesticulating at her.

Prosecutors say he also repeatedly phoned, texted and sent social media messages to her over the course of two days last July, and that his course of conduct caused her fear or alarm.

He is currently subject to bail conditions not to go near the house or approach or contact his partner in any way.

His lawyer, Aidan Gallagher, told Greenock Sheriff Court: "It is Mr Bryce's understanding that she has emptied the property in its entirety, apart from a bed, and that no electricity has been used for at least two months.

"He is concerned that the property will deteriorate in the winter months.

"The matter is effectively at a stalemate, where one says white and other says black.

"My motion is for a hearing to thrash the matter out."

Mr Gallagher added: "He can authorise a member of his family to enter and photograph or video the property.

"I think the way forward might be to continue consideration of the bail application."

Prosecutor Pamela Brady said: "It is the only way forward that I can anticipate.

"I will make contact with the complainer."

Sheriff John Higgins set a further bail review hearing for Friday.