A HOUSING boss has personally apologised to tenants trapped in their homes over Christmas and New Year because of a broken down lift.

The Tele reported the plight of Robertson Street residents including tenant June Clisham, who was left stuck in her third floor flat because of the fault and unable to get a hold of landlords Oak Tree Housing while staff enjoyed a festive holiday.

Now the association's chief executive Nick Jardine has told the Tele that he has visited those affected to offer an unreserved apology for the situation.

He also vowed to make changes to systems in place during the holidays to ensure that it wouldn't happen again.

Mr Jardine said: "We would like to extend an unreserved apology to Mr and Mrs Clisham and other tenants affected by the faulty lift.

“There was a breakdown in communications between the contractor and ourselves exacerbated by the holiday period.

“As a matter of urgency we are reviewing the process by which information is relayed to us and looking at other systems moving forward to ensure nothing like this happens again.”

Letters of apology were delivered to every flat in 19 Robertson Street after the lift broke down on Christmas Eve and was not repaired until this week.

Mrs Clisham who was forced to cancel plans for Christmas and New Year because she couldn't get out her house.

She was visited by Mr Jardine this week who said sorry.

During the Robertson Street visit Mr Jardine met with the lift maintenance contractors along with the association’s technical manager to ascertain the likelihood of further problems with the lift.

Oak Tree confirmed that the lift is now functioning fully, however a further investigation has been instructed.

Tenants had reported a number of breakdowns in the last couple of months.