STARS of iconic Scottish sitcom Still Game are still going strong thanks to a brand new show which debuts in Greenock.

Jane McCarry, who plays prying pensioner Isa, Mark Cox, aka tight-fisted Tam, and Paul Riley, better known as one-legged Winston, have hand-picked the Beacon Arts Centre for the launch of Still Gaun! in June.

It is an 'evening with...' style night of fun and laughter with three of the best-loved characters from the hit BBC Scotland series and is part of the second annual Clyde Comedy Festival organised by Inverclyde Council in partnership with local venues.

The trio, who are good friends off-stage, will share stories from over two decades entertaining millions on TV and on stage as the nation's favourite mischievous OAPs.

Jane and Mark are no strangers to the Beacon having fallen in love with the theatre whilst starring in pantomime for the last four years, while Paul has also has a soft spot for the waterfront arts venue having performed there in the past too.

Greenock is the first port of call for Still Gaun! and it is sailing towards a sell-out.

Following such a huge response from fans in Inverclyde, a tour around the country is now on the cards - and a second night at the Beacon is set to be added at the end of the run due to popular demand.

Paul said: "It's been 21 years from cradle to grave with Still Game.

"It started at the Edinburgh Festival as a stage show when 15 people came along and ended up selling out the Hydro.

"With 21 years comes 21 million stories and the three of us got together and said we should share those stories with people, the ones that can be told - and even the ones that can't!

"I came down here with the National Theatre of Scotland for a week a while back and absolutely loved it. "The three of us are pals and it's that atmosphere we're looking to bring to audiences. "It'll be a really good night out, a lot of fun."

Mark believes there is no better place in the country than Greenock to kick-off the tour.

He said: "The theatre itself is the best in Scotland and I would say the most picturesque.

"The audience are also very welcoming.

"It's a great place to start for us here at the Beacon."

After entertaining millions of fans on TV and performing live in front of hundreds of thousands of people, Jane says it was time for a role-reversal.

She said: "So many people came to see us at the Hydro so we wanted it to feel like we're coming to them.

"People have been very loyal to Still Game and treated us so well.

"The Beacon was the one place we wanted to launch the show because it's where we've felt the most warmth."

Still Gaun! is on at the Beacon on Saturday June 6 at 7.30pm. For tickets, visit or call 723723.