A BRAVE Greenock mum has spoken for the first time about the tragic death of her 20-month-old toddler from an undetected heart defect - in the hope of helping other families.

Kim Woodman and her husband Billy's lives were torn apart by the sudden loss of their beautiful son Matthew.

Despite repeated visits to the GP and hospital during his short life with chest problems and other illnesses, Matthew's congenital heart condition went un diagnosed.

Now his mum has set up a foundation in Matthew's memory with a fundraising night so she can put together special boxes for other babies and give hope to other families.

Kim, 28, from Greenock, said: "If it had been detected they would have put in a stent and that would have been him.

"I would honestly say to any other parent, a mother's instinct is always right - you know your child.

"I want to help other parents and give hope to families. That is why I have set up my foundation. It has really helped me since his death. I want Matthew's memory to live on."

Matthew died on 27 August 2018 from coarctation of the aorta, which is a narrowing of the valve and cuts off the blood flow.

At first his parents were told it was sudden infant death syndrome.

Kim, who works offshore as a stewardess on the oil rigs, was in Stornoway visiting family with Matthew and his big brother Harvey, now five, when he fell seriously unwell in a short space of time and stopped breathing.

Despite desperate attempts by family and medics they couldn't resuscitate him and he passed away in the hospital.

His dad Billy was at home in Greenock when tragedy struck.

Kim said: "It was the first baby they'd lost in the Stornoway hospital for 28 years.

"Everyone was devastated.

"My family are from Stornoway and my mum stays there."

The support that flowed from the close knit communities of both Greenock and Stornoway after the tragedy has inspired Kim to give something back.

She has set up the Matthew Woodman Foundation in her son's name and one of her first community projects is to donate 'Ray of Light' boxes to Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital,where Matthew was born, and to Stornoway, where he died.

She also wants to put together boxes for new mums and to help parents whose tots are born prematurely.

Kim hopes the foundation will become a source of support for other families who have lost children, or need support of any kind.

Kim said: "Matthew wasn't premature but there have been early births in our family. We have worked so hard to get this right, because you never know when your baby is going to come early.

"This is a gift to them from Matthew.

"When you go into premature labour you often don't have anything at the hospital."

Last year Kim raised thousands of pounds for a cot death charity

The grieving mum said: "I need to do this, I am a positive person.

"I have to help other parents and families in what ever way I can and love putting the Ray of Light boxes together.

"I also want to donate mum and baby boxes for premature births as well."

Kim says Matthew will always be a firm part of the family from day-to-day.

She said: "I talk about Matthew all the time, I don't ever want to stop talking about him.

"I just want to make Matthew proud and I want his memory to live on.

"He was the most cheeky little boy and so affectionate.

"He was always giving big kisses.

"His big brother calls him a star in the sky.

"If it wasn't for our son Harvey, I don't know what we would do.

"He has given us the strength to go on.

"Billy has been my rock.

"You never think this is going to happen to you, it happens to other people.

"For days after you live in a bubble, it is like an outer body experience.

"You don't want to have to face reality.

"But the support we have had from people both here and in Stornoway is incredible."

Kim has lovingly put together the 'Ray of Light' boxes with three changes of clothes, a blanket and muslin. There is also a crochet octopus that helps babies relax.

She had

To raise vital funds for her charity Kim is organising the Matthew Woodman Foundation charity night, which will become an annual event.

She would like to thank all those who have helped her including businesses for special donations including The Shack and Brow House cosmetics.

The charity night will be held on Saturday May 23 in Cruden Hall, Greenock from 7.30pm to 1am.

Tickets are priced £15 per adult and £5 per child.

To buy tickets or support the night, visit the Matthew Woodman Foundation page on Facebook.