A SON has been ordered to pay his 82-year-old mother hundreds of pounds in compensation after turning up drunk at her home and terrifying her.

Peter Campbell, 49, repeatedly banged on the elderly pensioner's doors late at night after refusing to heed her pleas for him to stay away.

He insisted during a string of phone calls to her that he was coming to stay, causing her to lock up and turn off all her lights.

Sheriff Joseph Hughes told Campbell: "You subjected your mother to unacceptable behaviour."

The sheriff ruled that he must now stump up £400 to her, or be jailed.

Campbell, of Neil Street, Greenock, had also been charged with smashing his mother's back door window with a brick.

However, this was removed from the complaint against him following discussion between lawyer Gerry Keenan and the Crown.

Campbell's mum, who lives in Inverkip, was so scared that she alerted police to the fact that he was making a beeline for her home on August 8 last year.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife told a previous calling of the case: "His mother realised that he was intoxicated and she told him not to attend at the house.

"He became argumentative and his mother ended the call.

"Around 30 minutes later she received a further call from him, saying that he was now in a taxi on his way to her house.

"She told him that he was not welcome and that he should go home.

"He ignored her and attended at the house at approximately 10pm."

Campbell pleaded guilty to placing his mother in a state of fear and alarm and shouting and swearing at police.

Solicitor Mr Keenan said: "He recognises that the focus of any community payback order would have an alcohol treatment requirement.

"He has a good work ethic and is hoping to be employed again imminently."

In addition to the compensation order, Campbell must attend alcohol treatment sessions for a year and complete 135 hours of unpaid work as a direct alternative to prison.