A COUPLE from Gourock have lost the equivalent of a whole person in weight after shedding a combined 15 stones.

Martyn Donnelly and his partner Leanne Dempster decided to transform their lives for the sake of their five-year-old son Mason.

The couple have hailed staff at Gourock Gym, where they train together, for helping them to shed the pounds.

Martyn, 36, appeared in the Tele a year ago after losing four-and-a-half stone in just 14 weeks.

He has now shifted eight stones in total and is on his way to becoming a personal trainer in a bid to help others struggling with their size.

His new look inspired partner Leanne, 38, to start exercising and improve her diet.

Along with support from the Gourock Gym team and Pound Fit classes in Greenock her new regime has seen her shed seven stones.

Leanne said: "I've still got a way to go and weight to lose but I feel so much better.

"We have a wee boy who is five and we've got so much more energy with him and we can run around with him.

"I'm really happy."

Martyn tipped the scales at 21 stone in September 2018 and is now an astonishing eight stone lighter.

He says the positive response from the Tele article last January spurred him on to become a personal trainer.

The fitness fanatic is working towards attaining the necessary qualifications at the West College Scotland Waterfront campus in Greenock and is an active member of the My Health Scotland food and exercise group.

Martyn said: "There are people out there who are too scared to go to the gym. "I hope our weight loss story motivates people and what I'm doing now is working towards helping people. "It's not been easy and there are highs and lows but you need support around you and if it wasn't for the guys here at Gourock Gym, I would've chucked it.

"They are probably the friendliest team around. "My personal trainer Nikki Muir in particular has been my rock."

Nikki, the ssistant manager at the gym, hailed the achievements of Martyn and Leanne along with site manager Jamie Cunningham and fitness adviser Jonny Anderson.

She said: "Their transformation is amazing. "Martyn is so motivated. "We hope their achievements will encourage more folk to achieve their goals - and more couples too."