AN outcry has erupted online after it emerged that a sex offender had moved into Inverclyde near to a busy school.

Residents of Inverkip reacted angrily after discovering that Brian McCallion - who was found to have more than 5,000 abuse files stored on his mobile phone and a computer in the home that he shared with his wife in Renfrew - had moved in to the village.

The couple married in June 2018 and in December that year his wife answered the door to police who were there to raid their home.

In August last year McCallion admitted downloading and possessing indecent images of children over a 12-year period from 2006 until 2018, and also possessing images of bestiality.

The couple have now moved to Inverkip and social workers recently failed in an attempt to have McCallion moved out of his new address, which sources say is close to the school.

News of the development sparked anger from village residents, who took to social media to voice their concerns while others shared posts about the case to alert their friends.

One woman wrote that McCallion was 'not welcome here'.

A man posted: "Why does that scumbag get more rights than the children living in our village? It’s an absolute disgrace. Our justice system is a joke."

Another added: "Disgusting, definitely not welcome and definitely not beside our school."

A poster on the Facebook page commented: "Beast, surely something needs to be done to get him out!"

An angry mum wrote: "If that man is living in the same vicinity where my kids stay overnight, play and have played safely for years he will be getting made to leave."

One man expressed concern about the proximity of McCallion's address to a children's playpark.

Another user posted: "Wake up call folks....these people live amongst us, whether you like it or not and whether you know about it or not.

"Assembling the pitch forks won't make a bit of difference."

One female replied by saying: "It's about protecting our children and it's perfectly understandable why people don’t want someone with that history nearby."

Another poster stated: "I believe the community have a right to express their concerns and hopefully get him out of the village legally. Living near a play park and school is not where he should be."

McCallion had been back in the dock for a review of progress on the Community Payback Order (CPO) he was given for his offences when it emerged that social workers were seeking an amendment to its conditions, arguing that he must move home if requested to do so.

However, his solicitor opposed the request, saying McCallion was settled in his new property in Inverkip and living happily with his wife, who is said to be standing by him.

Sheriff James Spy blocked the move and decided to continue the CPO for a further review in three months.

When McCallion admitted his guilt last year, the court was told a total of 5,492 illegal images were found at his Renfrew home.

Some featured girls aged between four and 14 being sexually abused by men.

Warped McCallion was also in possession of 'extreme' images which showed females engaged in sexual activity with dogs.

As part of his CPO, the 39-year-old was ordered to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work within 15 months and was told he will be supervised by social workers for three years.

McCallion was also placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for three years and told to attend a rehabilitation programme which aims to help sex offenders change their behaviour.