A LOCAL councillor has welcomed a move to extend a village self-build scheme to people who come from Inverclyde.

Councillor David Wilson says he supports a new proposal to lift the current restriction which excludes local residents.

The scheme offered up six plots in Kilmacolm's Leperstone Avenue six years ago, when the project was launched as part of a repopulation drive.

But to date it has largely failed, with only one re-developed.

Councillor Wilson said: "It was supposed to encourage people to move into the area because of the decrease in population going down.

"There are six plots but only one has been developed.

"People don't want to come from outside.

"If you're living in Renfrewshire or in Glasgow, you want to self-build there.

"It was all about de-population but this was never going to have any impact on it.

"I think there will be more local people living in Inverclyde who would want to take part in the scheme.

"I think there is a better chance by offering it to Inverclyde people.

Regeneration agency Riverside Inverclyde, acting as the council's agent, started the project in 2014.

Councillor Wilson said: "When I was on he board of RI I was against it, but I was outvoted.

"The plan has failed and has caused problems for local residents as developers hit black rock preparing the site for all the services as it was a former quarry.

"These quarries made the dykes around famers' fields."

Recommendations to lift the restriction will be put to councillors at a meeting being held today.

A report from officials says the move, if agreed would 'remove the requirement for purchasers of the self-build plots at Leperstone Avenue to be outwith Inverclyde and reduce the period of residence to three years'.