A FED-UP Gourock man has lodged a petition to make his grid-locked street a one way road.

Bill Oliver, who has lived in Kirn Drive for 48 years, says the congestion there is getting out of hand due to an increase in traffic.

The 73-year-old told the Tele the situation has gradually got worse over the last seven years, to the point that a major rethink is required.

He said: "Every day there is a Mexican stand-off and no-one is prepared to give way to one another.

"The street is quite narrow and with parked cars, it is difficult for vehicles to pass each other.

"Cars are facing each other and refusing to budge.

"I used to go out and try to get them to calm down.

"I've seen people about to take a punch at one another.

"It's crazy."

Mr Oliver says the new houses built at Kirn Gardens haven't helped the problem.

He is now collecting signatures from his neighbours in a bid to bring the matter before councillors.

Bill said: "I put together a petition and went round the houses in Kirn Drive because we're the ones with the problem.

"I need 100 people to sign before it can go in front of the council's petitions committee."

He has been supported by Gourock Community Council who believe that the current set-up on the road must change.

Alan Holliday, chair of the community council, said: "It's a narrow road with parked cars and congestion exacerbated by nearby schools.

"It cannot go on like this.

"It is an accident waiting to happen."

* For more information on the 'Make Kirn Drive One Way' campaign visit http://www.inverclyde.gov.uk/petitions